Lapce currently supports Linux, Windows and macOS. Simply download Lapce for your platform and install it if needed.


To start to work on your project, the best way is to open your project folder as a workspace in Lapce. Click arrow down icon next to Open Folder on the top, you will open the workspace menu. Click Open Folder in the dropdown menu.

Then choose the folder you would like, click open.

Alternatively, you can also choose Open recent workspace in the dropdown menu, which you can fuzzy search the workspaces you have opened before.

Work with files

After you opened a workspace, the files will appear in the file explorer on the left panel. You can navigate the files and folder there and open them by clicking on the file name. Alternatively, you can use Go To File feature (Cmd+p on macOS and Ctrl+p on Linux and Windows) to fuzzy search files in your workspace for quicker opening.

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