Multiple cursor

Adding a line

To add the line above or below to the selection, use:

Ctrl+Alt+ArrowUp and Ctrl+Alt+ArrowDown For Windows and Linux

Meta+Alt+ArrowUp and Meta+Alt+ArrowDown For macOS

Insert cursors at end of line

To insert cursors at the end of a line of all current selections, use:

Alt+Shift+I For Windows and Linux and macOS

Select current line

To select lines that current cursors are at, use:

Ctrl+L For Windows and Linux

Meta+L For macOS

Select all occurrences at the cursor

To select all occurrences of the current selection, or the word the cursor at, use:

Ctrl+Shift+L For Windows and Linux

Meta+Shift+L For macOS

Add next occurrence

To add the next occurrence of the current selection, or the work the cursor at, use:

Ctrl+D For Windows and Linux

Meta+D For macOS

Or if you want to skip the next occurrence, use:

Ctrl+K Ctrl+D For Windows and Linux

Meta+K Meta+D For macOS

Undo cursor

To undo the last cursor action, use:

Ctrl+U For Windows and Linux

Meta+U For macOS

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